Transpired Solar Collectors, 2 PDH
(Transpired Solar Collectors)


The transpired solar collector is a simple, low tech, inexpensive means of

This course is intended for engineers of all disciplines who want to learn more about this new type of renewable energy. Someone who completes this course will gain knowledge about the history of the fuel cell, basics of its operation, comparison of fuel cells with other power sources, and details of several aspects of fuel cells.

In this course, you need to review the material in the Department of Energy/Los Alamos National Laboratory publication, LA-UR-99-3231, "Fuel Cells - Green Power".

Upon completing your review of the course material, you need to take a multiple choice quiz consisting of fifteen (15) questions to earn 3 PDH credits. The quiz will be based on the entire document. 80% correct is required for a quiz passing grade.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will

  • Be familiar with the basic history of the fuel cell and its development
  • Be familiar with the basic operating principles of the PEM fuel cell
  • Understand the efficiency advantages of converting chemical energy directly to electrical energy without thermal energy as an intermediate
  • Be able to compare fuel cells, internal combustion engines, and batteries
  • Be familiar with the characteristics of various types of fuel cells
  • Be familiar with alternative fuels, other than hydrogen for fuel cells
  • Be familiar with the electrochemistry of the hydrogen based fuel cell
  • Be familiar with components and the overall configuration of a PEM fuel cell
  • Be able to identify potential applications of fuel cells
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