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Friday, 8 August 2014, 01:42 PMCourses and Getting Certificate of TrainingAll PDH Storm courses are designed with a clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's or professionals field of practice.

PDH Storm is a fully automated virtual classroom dedicated to the online continuing education for engineers, designers, surveyors, architects and others.

Because they are selected based on their educational background and practical experience, PDH Storm instructors are qualified to teach the subject matter. Many of them have extensive practical experience, and are registered professionals in their field of practice.

Engineers Edge maintains records of all online PDH activities for at least seven (7) years. Our records include the name of the attendee who satisfactorily completed the course, the type of activity, date of the activity, the instructor's name, sponsoring organization, and the PDH credits earned. Copies of these records for audit verification purposes may be requested by contacting PDH Storm.

One must receive an 80% correct or greater on all training modules quiz's, as well as the final knowledge test to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of Completion are emailed to the course taker on verification of course completion.
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